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Bust Contouring Oil

A plant-based concentrated Bust Enhancement Oil made from six active ingredients, Pueraria Mirifica Oil, Kigelia Fruit Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lavender Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. 100% natural ingredients and it is safe to use.

Tiny molecules in the bust oil can quickly penetrate breast epidermis. The continuous of cell nutrition provided to breast increase the plumpness and firmness of bust.

Suitable for women that having problems of small chest, chest congenital dysplasia, imperfect bust shape, expansion or not obvious, breast asymmetry,  postpartum causes sagging breast, breast shrink after breastfeeding.

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Plant-based ingredients and it is safe to use. 6 key active ingredients provide nutrients to breast fatty tissue and increase breast size. Pure concentrated essential oil and small molecure easy for absorption.

Common Problems

  • Chest congenital dysplasia
  • Postpartum causes sagging or loose breast
  • Breasts shrink after breastfeeding
  • Imperfect bust shape, expansion or not obvious
  • Breast asymmetry

Unique selling points

  • The first stage: 2-3 months for a treatment period
  • The second stage: 3 months and above for a consolidation and stable period
  • Small molecule easy for absorption
  • Safe and non chemical proven by SGS International Laboratory
  • Pure concentrated essence oil
  • Rich in Phyto-estrogens (plant-based estrogens)
  • Deep Nourishment
  • 100% Pure Plant-Based Bust Oil

Product Benefits

5 major anti-aging ingredients to rejuvenate the radiance of skin.

  • Dredge breast tissue
  • Upgrade the breast size
  • Restore breast elasticity
  • Prevention of breast cancer
  • Stimulate breast growth
  • Pinkish nipples
  • Breast lifting
  • Breast firming


15ml/ bottle

3 bottles (A treatment course for 3 month use)

A treatment course takes between 3 to 6 months but it can be more or less than that.


After cleaning with warm water, apply 8- 12 drops of plant-based bust oil. Apply evenly and massage around the chest

If you do not have a warm bath, it is recommended to use a hot towel or use a hair dryer to warm the chest (high body temperature can promote the penetration of essential oils)

Massage time: 3 minutes until the chest has a warm feeling. Massage strength: moderate strength

A cup: take 4-8 drops
B cup: take 8-12 drops
C cup or more: take 12 drops


Pueraria Mirifica Oil, Kigelia Fruit Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lavender oil, Sweet Almond Oil


Restore breast elasticity, breast lifting and firming, prevent breast cancer and increase bust size.




  • Will it work?
    Our product in the market has been 8 years, the success rate is up to 99%. The remaining 1% are customers who have not yet completed the course. SWISSCORR is one of the successful brand that sustain in the market for years, and the results are guarantee.
  • Will it have any side effects as the product result rapidly?
    Our products are all international standards. Each product has passed the international SGS certification, it is confirmed not contain any chemicals or hormones and safe for use.
  • My bust is small, but I don’t like drink.
    If you have ever had weaning medicine, your breasts are relatively atrophy and take a long time to recover. I may suggest that you consume 3 bottles for 1 course. (If you never taking weaning medicine or congenital dysplasia, then your mammary gland is under dormant period. It is recommended that you apply with massage techniques every morning and evening for rapid results.)
  • Not applicable for which crowd?
    During pregnancy, breastfeeding mother, breast surgery wounds has not healed, suffering from severe breast hyperplasia, patients with fibroids / sarcoma / lipoma.
    (Breast hyperplasia is a common disease symptom in women. If the condition is mild, massage with essential oil can improve it.)
  • Will it have any rebound effects if stop consuming? How long will it work? Any side effects?
    It basically can work in the first month. Our product is 100% natural plant extraction and harmless to human body.Three months of basic course has no rebound effect, but shorter period is not guaranteed.
  • Can essential oils touch nipple?
    Yes, and there is the effect of pinky nipple. But it’s unessential to apply the oil on the nipple.
  • Why does the nipple hurt?
    It is a good phenomenon of dredging mammary glands in secondary development.
  • Why does it causes acne on breast after using it?
    It is because of essential oil has not been fully absorbed, need to apply massage for at least three minutes to fully absorb the essential oil, or, because of breast skin is not clean enough.
  • Can it only improve breast sagging without increasing my bust size?
    Yes. Don’t massage breast acupuncture points, just massage it upward and inside to improve breast sagging. The contouring oil helps in repairing of breast ligament and restoring ligament elasticity to strengthen the breast.
  • What principle can achieve visible results in three minutes?
    The special formulated of contouring oil able to attract nonestesterified fatty acids to the breast, thereby achieving visible results in three minutes. Because of the instability of nonestesterified fatty acids, a three-month course of treatment is required to have a shaping effect.
  • How long will it work? Does one bottle work?
    The fast absorption of contouring oil will be effective in three minutes.
  • Why the bust oil’s packaging is not sealed?
    Because the high temperature of sealing process will destroy the quality of the bust contouring oil.
  • Can sensitive skin use bust oil?
    Yes. Bust oil is 100% natural and does not contain any sensitive ingredients.
  • Why does the breast be enlarged when I start using it, and it doesn’t work after that?
    Breast fat take times to penetrate, absorb, swell, and stabilize. Fat cells need time to shape and will not always increase bust size.
  • Why does the breast itch after using bust oil?
    It’s a good phenomenon of dredging mammary glands.
    (The ingredients within the bustl oil are dredging the mammary glands to activate the mammary cells.)


  • Flat Chested

  • Flat Chested

  • Postpartum Breast Sagging

  • Breast Asymmetry

  • Breast Sagging and Expansion

  • Small Breast


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