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Grow Mi

Grow Mi Bust Enhancement Supplement is from Thailand, a 100% plant-based specially formulated. The active ingredients, pueraria mirifica that is rich in isoflavones that helps to reconstructing the breast tissue, which has a good effect of breast enhancement and firming of the breast. An excellent dietary supplement to help on the general health of women, breast care and femininity care. Let you regain the confidence and charm of women.

Suitable for females that suffer from flat chested and breast sagging after breastfeeding.

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Grow Mi Made With Plant-based Active Ingredients

Grow Mi Bust Enhancement Supplement is from Thailand, a 100% plant-based specially formulated. You will love the taste and the convenience of handy, portable sachets. An excellent dietary supplement to help on the general health of women, breast care and femininity care.

Common Problems Faced by Women

  • Under-developed of the mammary gland that resulting in flat chested
  • Breast shrink, loose or sagging after breastfeeding
  • Damaged of breast suspensory ligament
  • Vaginal dryness

Key Features

  • 100% pure and plant-based ingredients
  • Certificated by The World’s Leading Inspection Company SGS
  • Relieves Menopausal Symptoms
  • Breast Enlargement
  • Vaginal Dryness

Product Benefits

4 natural plant ingredients | Enhance the breast support structure | To shape a firm and plump bust

  • Promote growth of mammary gland
  • Promote accumulation of fatty acids at breast
  • Improve breast elasticity
  • Soothing anxiety
  • Treatment of insomnia
  • Regulate estrogen levels
  • Relieve menopausal syndrome and improve osteoporosis


15 sachets x 3g / box

3 box (A treatment course for 3 month use)

A treatment course often takes between 3 to 6 months but it can be more or less than that.


Mix 1 sachet with a glass of 100 ml water. Stir well before drink. Also, suitable for direct consumption. Consume directly from the sachet.

1 sachet per day. It should be taken on 15 consecutive days starts from the first day of menstruation, and stop taking for another 15 days. Continue the cycle without waiting for the next menstruation. Repeat the cycle (15-days on and 15-days off) for a period of 6 months.


Pueraria Mirifica, Soy isoflavones, Passion fruit, Vitamins Premix


A supplement to promote growth of mammary gland and improve breast elasticity. It also has extra benefits like soothing anxiety and treatment of insomnia.




  • At what age can start taking Grow Mi?
    18 years old and above. Post-development/post-menstrual women can start taking.
  • Who is not suitable for Grow Mi?
    Not suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding, cancer, thyroid disease, thalassemia, enlarged uterus.
  • Does Grow Mi will leads to obesity?
    Definitely not, because Grow Mi does not contain any chemical hormonal ingredients.
  • Why do we need to have 15 days interval to intake GrowMi?
    From Day 1 to Day 15 during period, female estrogen is at low level. GrowMi can help to re-balance the estrogen level. From Day 16 to day 28, women can stop taking Grow Mi because our body has secreted enough progesterone hormones.
  • Can we taking Grow Mi everyday?
    Suggest only taking Grow Mi continuously for 15 days.
  • How long does Grow Mi takes to see the results?
    You may see results after one box of consumption.
  • If women with small breasts, how long to see the results?
    Based on individual body condition, some may see the results in 5 days.
  • For women who have been preparing for pregnancy, can she taking Grow Mi?
  • Is 3 months the basic treatment?
    Yes. If you have taken pill a long time, endocrine disorders, or menopause, you might need to take 6 months for the treatment.
  • If some people do not absorb well, is it better to apply the bust oil rather than taking GrowMi?
    We suggest taking bust oil and GrowMi together. Bust oil is an external product to stimulate our adipocytes to increase the volume and size of our fat cells. We can also stimulate breast development through massage. However, GrowMi helps on hormone re-balancing to re-develop our breast.
  • Will it have any rebound effect if I stop taking Grow Mi?
    Basically it will not have any rebound effect if you have taking 3 months of the basic treatment.
  • There are so many breast enhancement supplement products in the market, why should I choose Grow Mi?
    First, Grow Mi is convenient product that can be taken at any time. Second, visible effects for breast enhancement. Third, it is good for women which can make a comprehensive adjustment according to the women menstrual cycle.
  • Can I taking Grow Mi with other weight loss / detox products?
    We do not suggest taking Grow Mi with other weight loss/ detox products at the same time. It needs minimum 4 hours gap.
  • Can I use Easy Fit Slimming Patch with GrowMi at the same time?
    Yes. Easy Fit is a medical patch and will only effect the redundant body fat. When it infiltrated into the blood, Easy Fit will only focus on our redundant fats. While Easy Fit does not target on breast fat, so there is no conflict between Easy Fit and GrowMi.
  • Bust oil and GrowMi, which one is better? Can I choose only one?
    The consumption of both Bust Oil and GrowMi can achieve the effects like Breast augmentation. If you choose only one, bust oil is suitable for fleshy women. It can assemble and expand fat cells. Growmi is suitable for imperfect development/mammary atrophy, it can dredge mammary glands and achieve secondary development.
  • Why is the menstrual delay/early/heavy/light after drinking GrowMi?
    GrowMi is specially formulated with botanical ingredients, Pueraria mirifica and soy isoflavones have conditioning effects. This is a normal conditioning phenomenon.
  • Why do we have leucorrhea after taking GrowMi?
    GrowMi is not only enlarge your breast, but also help to regulate endocrine, purify and strengthen the uterus, improve uterine inflammation and discharge harmful substances.
  • Can I start taking GrowMi on the third day of menstruation?
    You can start taking GrowMi from the first day to the third day of the menstrual period. After the fourth day, it is recommended to wait for the next menstrual period.
  • What if I forget to intake GrowMi 1- 2days?
    It is recommended to continue drinking for 15 days to avoid affecting the effect.
  • Why does GrowMi have to drink after meal?
    Because GrowMi’s passion fruit vitamin E ingredients not only helps breast development but also promotes digestion in the stomach and intestines. And taking GrowMi after meal won’t make you feel hungry. It is better for GrowMi’s nutrition and food are absorbed together.
  • Why taking GrowMi will faint and want to vomit?
    This is a phenomenon of hormonal conditioning. The level of estrogen in the body rises, there will be a phenomenon of early pregnancy.
  • Can those have contraceptive injections and IUE intake GrowMi?
    Efficacy of contraceptive will be affected. Because GrowMi can strengthen the uterus.
  • Can I consume GrowMi after menstrual has stoppped or menopause?


  • After 1.5 Months

  • After one month

  • After one month

  • After 2 boxes

  • Breast Dysplasia

  • Hereditary Flat-Chested


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