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Enhancement Oil

Do you feel self-conscious about having small breasts? Are your breasts sagging and have lost elasticity after breastfeeding? Do you have breast asymmetry?

How does the phrase ‘breast enlargement’ sound to you? Most people still think that breast augmentation by surgery is the only way to increase their bust size and firmer looks. Although this is the most common method for breast enlargement through surgery, there are now alternatives to this very common procedure. Natural breast enlargement products can help to enhance and augment your bust size to get the fuller, firmer and more uplifting looks. Once you familiarize yourselves to these breast enhancement products very well, you will understand why they are also extremely effective yet not as costly as going under the knife.

There are only three methods for breast enhancement:

1. Breast augmentation surgery is the most popular cosmetic surgery in women, with surgery and injection. The effect is quick, but it is very risky as well as the rebound. Although the current breast augmentation surgery has made significant breakthroughs and improvements, the drawbacks are always unavoidable, such as prosthesis rupture, complications, prone to infection, breast lumps, bleeding, hematoma and unexplained pain.

2. The acupuncture massage with essential oils is another way. The principle of natural breast enhancement is to promote the secretion of enzymes and human hormones through the sense of smell and skin absorption, and appropriate acupoint massage to better absorb the essential oil and promote the second development of the breast and surrounding adipose tissue.

3. Breast nutrient supplements, such as Pueraria Mirifica, Soybean, Kigelia Fruit. All these are safe and easy to absorb by the body. These are considered as an extension of diet, economical and practical.

Our philosophy is not to encourage breast augmentation surgery, but to promote natural way of breast enhancement. Once thoroughly understood, you will find out why natural breast enhancement is so effective, even more practical and affordable than breast augmentation surgery!

Common Problems


Chest congenital dysplasia


Postpartum causes sagging or loose breast


Breasts shrink after breastfeeding


Imperfect bust shape, expansion or not obvious


Breast asymmetry

How do we fix this?

Swisscorr Bust Enhargement Oil is made in France, 100% natural herbal ingredients and it is safe to use. Six active ingredients are Wheat Germ, Pueraria Mirifica, Kigelia Fruit, Extra Virgin Olive, Lavender and Sweet Almond. The active ingredients provide Phytonutrients to breast fatty and helps to promote breast enhancement and increase firmness. Phytoestrogens (plant estrogens) are a natural compound found in plants. Phytoestrogens imitate estrogen because their structure is very similar to that of estrogen from the body. When phytoestrogens enter the body, the body’s estrogen receptors treat them as if they were estrogen.

Principle, Ingredients and Features

Due to the bust needs about a month’s of adaptation period and absorption of nutrients, the effect will not result within a day or two. After 3 months, the breast mammary glands and fat cells will be completely dredged and resume as normal.

First Stage

Visible result in 3 minutes

Dredge breast glands, gather breast fat

second Stage

First month is treatment period

Adaptation and absorption of nutrients

third Stage

Third month is settlement period

Breast glands and fat cells are fully dredged

Breast Secondary Development

The principle of bust oil
Bust oil penetrates the breast epidermis to the mammary glands and fat cells
Bust oil molecules increase the number of adipocytes
Regulates mammary gland secretion and accelerates cell division to proliferate cells. The amount of fat increases continuously, achieving secondary development
Bust oil molecules increase the volume of adipocytes
To provide cell nutrition, increase the volume of breast adipocytes and achieve plumpness and firmness of breast.
Secondary development shaping perfect bust
Swisscorr Bust Contouring Oil achieves safe and healthy breast enhancement without rebound effect.


Pueraria mirifica

Pueraria mirifica contains the substance Phytoestrogen (estrogen derived from plants), which is responsible for the rapid growth of breast tissue. The estrogen found in Pueraria Mirifica is bio-identical to human estriol which is able to use it as a treatment and maintain remission. Pueraria Mirifica has been proven to be 3000 times more potent than other natural phytoestrogens like Fenugreek, Red Clover, Soy.etc.

One study has suggested that 90 percent of women who use pueraria mirifica notice an increase in their breast size. Not only does it increase breast size, but it can also reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Kigelia Fruit Oil

Kigelia has a long history of use by rural African communities, particularly for its medicinal properties. Most commonly, traditional healers have used the sausage tree to treat a wide range of skin ailments, from fungal infections, boils, psoriasis and eczema, through to the more serious diseases,such as leprosy, syphilis and skin cancer. Studies conducted on 100 females applying Kigelia Africana for 4 weeks and shown results:


Wheat Germ Oil

Due to its high levels of antioxidants, it has the ability to repair skin cells that have been damaged by the sun, pollution or an unhealthy diet. It also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and can soothe sunburns. Applying wheat germ oil to skin that is affected by eczema and psoriasis can soothe the inflamed skin as well as relieving the itch associated with both conditions.

In addition, the oil helps promote new skin cell growth, which keeps it looking young and healthy. Stretch marks and scars can be reduced by rubbing a product containing wheat germ oil onto the afflicted skin. The high amount of Vitamin E and the protein content helps eliminate the look of skin that has been stretched or injured. The Vitamin E also helps hydrate dry, flaky and cracked skin.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The researchers decoded a complete cascade of signals within breast tumor cells activated by virgin olive oil, and concluded that benefits include decrease in the activity of the oncogene p21Ras, changes in protein signalling pathways, stimulation of tumor cell death and prevention of DNA damage. The study was carried out in an experimental model and researchers have already begun a new study with human cell lines. Another result obtained by researchers is the protection of DNA in the cell nucleus. Cells from animals fed a diet rich in virgin olive oil contained less DNA lesions than those fed a control diet.

Lavender oil

Lavender is an adaptogen, and therefore can assist the body when adapting to stress or imbalances. It is a great aid for relaxing and winding down before bedtime, yet has balancing properties that can also boost stamina and energy. Therapeutic- grade lavender is highly regarded for skin and beauty. It may be used to soothe and cleanse common cuts, bruises, and skin irritations. Lavender oil may also contribute to breast development in girls.

Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil is loaded with essential vitamins for beauty, such as A, D and E. Making it ideal not only as a hair and skin care product but also to treat skin disorders. Almond oil does not have a greasy effect and it is not pore clogging, absorbing quickly into your skin. Sweet almond oil can be used to moisturize, soften, smooth and even the skin.


Global Top Breast Enhancement Product

The first breast enhancement product in the market with eight-year of sales championship, which gained popularity of its safe and healthy breast enhancement effect.

Visible Results in 3 minutes

The tiny molecules within the bust oil can quickly penetrate the breast epidermis, dredging the breast glands.

Deep Nourishment

The breast enhancement ingredients can quickly reaches deep into breast and replenishes the nutrients needed for bust.

100% Pure Natural Plant Bust Oil

It is 100% pure natural ingredients confirmed by the world’s leading SGS testing center, free of chemicals and hormones.

Product Benefits

Six major plant ingredients of breast enhancement.
Kigelia Africana fruit stimulate the synthesis of elastin collagen.

Dredge breast tissue

Activate the damaged withered cells by massage

Upgrade the breast size

The blood circulation in the chest stabilizes the connective tissue to increase the bust size

Restore breast elasticity

Revitalizes the skin of the bust, leaving the skin elastic and delicate

Prevention of breast cancer

Maintain breast glands dredging and prevent breast cancer

Stimulate breast growth

Provide nutrient to breast adipose tissue, increase breast size

Pinkish nipples

Effectively improve the problem of uneven skin tone on the bust.

Breast lifting

Increase mammary circulation of the breast to prevent breast expansion and sagging.

Breast firming

Lift the skin of the bust and tighten the contours of the bust

Product Use & Cautions

Apply 8-12 drops day & night continuously for 3 months.
After 3 months treatment, patient can reduce to 1 time application per day.

Not For: Pregnancy period, Suffering from severe breast hyperplasia, Chest surgery has not yet healed, Breastfeeding mother

Enhance Your Bust

Restore Elasticity . Breast Growth . Firming . Lifting

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